Full description Background ly owned buildings which are of "historic" or "architectural significance" could be protected and assistance given for their upkeep under the Historic Buildings Act. [See Buildings, historic (protection of)]. Government owned buildings of "historic" or "architectural significance" which were still used for government purposes and which were not on a crown land reserve (ie. are situated on government land) could, from 1989, be protected under the same legislation [See Buildings, historic (protection of)], or could be protected under the Government Buildings Advisory Council Act 1972. [See Buildings, government (preservation of)]. "Historic sites or places" denotes areas (such as goldfields) or historic buildings once ly owned or government owned but no longer used for government purposes, which are on public crown land (usually reserved). [See Crown Lands (historic sites)]. ly owned buildings can also be protected through statutory planning controls which designate certain areas as being of urban conservation or historic interest. Advisory services and financial assistance is given to encourage conservation and restoration projects with particular emphasis on the conservation of historic areas. [See Heritage Protection]. National Estate funding is used to assist projects under these and many other types of conservation and preservation programmes which seek to protect Australia's cultural and natural heritage. [See National Estate]. . See Victoria's Heritage: A Future for the Past strategy paper released 1983/84 Heritage Protection This function has generally been administered along with other statutory and strategic planning functions and has encompassed the provision of general heritage advice to local government and other responsible authorities within the statutory planning framework; the provision of advice on heritage matters to the Ministry, particularly with reference to planning schemes which include historic or architecturally important buildings or areas. For more information about this function see VA 1024 Ministry for Planning and Environment.

Data time period: 1836 to 2013

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