Health Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation: Learning about Activity, Nutrition, Diet and Social Factors [ 2005 - 2009 ]

Also known as: Diabetes, Renal and Cardiovasular Disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations.

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Kerin O'Dea (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Zhiqiang Wang Dr Kevin Rowley Prof James Best Prof Wendy Hoy

Brief description Diabetes, Heart and Kidney disease occur in epidemic proportions among Indigenous Australians. Of particular concerns is the early age of onset of conditions that are to disease of older adulthood in the broader Australian community. While these chronic diseases are known to cause premature death and suffering in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, there are gaps in our knowledge. For example, we know very little about how these conditionsdevelop over time in different populations. Probably the greatest knowledge gap is the area of effective intervention - both to prevent to prevent diabetes, kidney and heart disease in young people, and to treat existing cases effectivly. The main goal of this program is to bring together a multi skilled team of researchers to better understand the development of these chronic disease across the lifespan ( including differences between different populations), and to guuide the development of diet, lifestyle, and clinical interventions. Such interventions need to be simple, effective, acceptable to Indigenous people and able to be sustained over the long term. All interventions will be rigorously evaluated. The results will inform policies in ares such as quality and affordability of the food supply in remote communnities; infrastructure to promote physical activity; and provision of high quality primary health care focussing on early intervention and care of people at risk of chronic disease.

Funding Amount $AUD 7,486,989.41

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