Health, economic, psychological and social impact of educating carers of patients with advanced pulmonary disease (APD) [ 2007 - 2009 ]

Also known as: Caring for carers and patients with lung disease

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Peter Frith (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Kristina Jones Dr Ruth Sladek Prof Mary Luszcz Prof Paddy Phillips
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Brief description Our study aims to understand the health, economic and social costs associated with caring for patients with advanced pulmonary disease (APD) and to determine health, economic and social impact of improving the skills of caregivers of patients with APD has on patients and their carers. Patients with APD are a large population at high risk of health resource use, unnecessary medication use and emergency admission to hospital or residential care facilities. Although previous research has identified difficulties experienced by caregivers of the elderly in general, very little research has been undertaken with carers of patients with APD. The study will compare the usual practice of educating patients with APD who commence home oxygen therapy (HOT), and their carers, against a more detailed and individually targeted education program that increases the skills of patients and carers. This study has the potential to reduce hospital-residential care readmission, reduce carer distress, improve patient outcomes, reduce adverse effects of oxygen therapy and medication use, and minimize inappropriate presentation to tertiary care emergency departments.

Funding Amount $AUD 605,452.51

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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