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The Griffith Institute for Educational Research leads research into major issues related to learning, focusing particularly on issues impacting on learning in a rapidly changing world and how individuals and communities can be assisted to learn to engage effectively with social change.A distinctive feature of the Institute is its emphasis on the development of an intellectually and theoretically coherent approach to learning and social change.The Griffith Institute for Educational Research is a social science research Institute with members located at the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Logan campuses. The Institute has evolved as a University research institute as a result of the excellence of research outcomes achieved by the Faculty Research Centres, Centre for Applied Linguistics, Literacy and Communication Studies and the Centre for Learning Research.Collectively, the Institute's researchers draw on a range of research methodologies and theoretical positions to inform the research programs which are dedicated to examining issues related to learning and social change.  Our research programs operate as collaborations of researchers bringing multi and inter-disciplinary perspectives to educational problems and issues of national significance.

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