GNOSIS: a new window on the early universe using revolutionary photonic technology [ 2010 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Bland-Hawthorn Prof Jonathan; Prof Matthew Colless; Prof Warrick J Couch; Prof Kenneth C Freeman; Prof Karl Glazebrook; Prof Brian P Schmidt; Prof Christopher G Tinney; Dr Jonathan S Lawrence; Dr John W O'Byrne; Dr Simon C Ellis

Brief description Australian astronomers have a long history in innovative instrumentation and are some of the early pioneers in infrared astronomy. The GNOSIS project brings together leading Australian astronomers to build on past success. This facility instrument makes use of recent technological advances in photonics�a key strength of Australian research and industry�to provide a dramatic improvement in observational sensitivity at these wavelengths. This will allow Australian astronomers to carry out new science programmes that have not been possible to date. These programmes include unprecedented observations of very cool low mass stars, the first chemical information on dust-embedded star clusters, and accurate ages for distant galaxies.

Funding Amount $500,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

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