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The Veterinary Research Station at Glenfield was officially opened in October 1923, although some time elapsed before it was fully staffed and equipped. However, research and diagnosis of animal diseases in the region commenced soon after the establishment of the station and considerable progress was made from the first year. Some 909 specimens from animals suspected to be diseased were received and analysed. Fodder and other plant material was believed to be responsible for some animal diseases. (1)

During the 1938/39 financial year four graduate veterinarians were appointed to the Department to positions as Inspectors of Stock in Pastures Protection Districts and one temporary veterinary officer was appointed to Glenfield Veterinary Research Station. At that time there were five vacancies on the veterinary staff to be filled. (2)

Research and diagnosis remained under the control of Glenfield Veterinary Research Station in early postwar years. Good progress was made and the main buildings were extended and a new nutrition laboratory was erected. (3)

In the early years of the 1950's decade the diagnostic service for internal parasite examination trichomoniasis, and mineral imbalance was expanded especially in cattle. Veterinary research in many animal diseases especially terminal ones increased. For example several cases of mortality in sheep in the Carcoar, Gundagai and Young districts were attributed to botulism. The outbreak was caused by sheep eating rabbit’s carcasses. (4)

Livestock health research continued to be the main function of the station and this became more extensive. During 1968 two kinds of commercial vaccine were tested both of them for cattle, and many biochemical techniques were developed. (5)

During 1977/78 the Glenfield Veterinary Research Station was under the Division of Animal Industry and its main tasks were extension and regulatory control relating to live stock production and health. The station was the principal centre for diagnosis of animal disease although there were three regional diagnostic stations. (6)

In 1987 Glenfield Veterinary Research Station was one of five regional veterinary laboratories in N.S.W. under the Division of Animal Health. (7)

The exact date of the abolition of the station is unknown but this appears to have occurred late in 1991 or early in 1992. (8)

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