Generating sophisticated multi-component scaffolding to advance neural stem/progenitor cell transplantation technology [ 2013 - 2017 ]

Also known as: Using biomateirals and stem cells to promote brain regeneration

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Pr David Nisbet (Principal investigator)

Brief description If stem cell transplantation is to be useful to repair brain injury, advancement must be made to improve the delivery, survival and differentiation of transplanted cells so that they can sufficiently integrate into the host brain. Here, self-assembling peptides will be developed to provide physical and biochemical support for stem cells and neurones in cell culture (which may be useful for drug discovery) and following transplantation into the injured brain.

Funding Amount $AUD 415,218.31

Funding Scheme Career Development Fellowships

Notes RD Wright Biomedical CDF

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