Gangat Provisional School (1931-1937) Gangat Public School (1938-1967)

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Gangat Provisional School in the county of Gloucester was established in May 1931. A new building was erected in 1935. The building was possibly officially opened on 19 November 1935. (1) The school was converted into a Public School in January 1938.(2) Gangat Public School closed in December 1967. Provisional Schools emerged in 1867 and could be established in areas where at least 15 children, but fewer than 25 required for a Public School, could be expected to attend. The minimum number of students was reduced to twelve in the 1880s, ten from 1898, and nine from 1945. A Public School had a minimum attendance of 30 children prior to 1867, 25 children until 1880 when the number was reduced to 20. From 1957, the minimum number was reduced to nine.(3) ENDNOTES
(1) NRS 16793
(2) Government Schools of New South Wales 1848 to 2003, NSW Department of Education, 2003, p66.
(3) ibid., pp17-18.

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