Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT140101285 [ 2014 - 2018 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Vipul Bansal

Brief description This project will integrate advanced materials chemistry, molecular biology, bio-electrochemical and synchrotron imaging approaches to understand the role of silver resistance machinery of bacteria in their ability to form silver nanoparticles. This silver biomineralisation study will enable discovery of new metal-specific reductase enzymes. The fundamental biomolecular understanding of bacterial silver resistance will allow the use of a silver-binding protein to develop a series of next-generation nano-biosensors. These biosensing platforms will provide high-throughput, cost-effective, selective, sensitive and continuous monitoring of heavy metal ions in effluents from mining and mineral processing industries in a real-time fashion.

Funding Amount $886,019

Funding Scheme Future Fellowships

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