Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT140100726 [ 2014 - 2018 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Chun-Xia Zhao

Brief description Smart targeted nanocarriers offer new opportunities for drug delivery. This project aims to develop new platforms for reproducibly producing and screening targeted nanocarriers. The platform technologies developed in the project will revolutionise current strategies for designing and evaluating drug delivery systems, and will accelerate the clinical translation of targeted drug delivery. Significant outcomes will include a novel one-step microfluidic platform technology for reproducibly producing targeted polymer nanocarriers having systematically varied properties, a dual-templating method for making targeted silica nanocapsules and new design of in vivo-mimicking Tissue Chips for screening and evaluating the nanocarriers.

Funding Amount $771,121

Funding Scheme Future Fellowships

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