Function and inhibition of Plasmepsin V in targeting malaria virulence proteins into human erythrocytes [ 2011 - 2013 ]

Also known as: Function and inhibition of the key malaria export protein Plasmepsin V

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Pr Justin Boddey (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Anthony Hodder Prof Brian Smith

Brief description Malaria parasites dramatically renovate infected erythrocytes to survive and evade the host immune system by delivering hundreds of exported parasite proteins into the cell. The parasite protease Plasmepsin V is essential for protein export. We aim to develop potent inhibitors of this protease in the hope of blocking its function and killing the parasite. We also aim to discover the components of the trafficking pathway after cleavage by Plasmepsin V that sorts virulence proteins to the host cell.

Funding Amount $AUD 407,845.80

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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