Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometry (FRRF) data collected on the RV L'Astrolabe [ 2002-12-28T13:02:00 ]

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Researchers: McMinn, Andrew, Prof. (Principal investigator) ,  McMinn, Andrew, Prof. (Principal investigator) ,  IMAS Data Manager (Point of contact ) ,  Data Officer (Distributor)

Full description Maximum photochemical efficiency of photosystem II (PSII), also called maximum quantum yield of PSII (Fv/Fm), has become one of the most widely utilized fluorescence parameters in phytoplankton research. It represents the potential photochemical efficiency, which is the probability that the light energy captured by the photosynthetic apparatus is being utilized as photochemistry. Fv/Fm has been shown to have an instant response to variations in physical and chemical properties and is interpreted as a diagnostic of the overall health or competence of phytoplankton. Together with the absorption cross section area of PSII and chlorophyll concentration, it can be used to measure primary production (Cheah et al. 2011, Deep Sea Research). Seawater from 3 m depth was supplied continuously from the ship’s clean seawater line. FRR fluorescence yields were measured continuously at 1 minute intervals in dark-adapted state (! 15 minutes dark-adaptation) using a flash sequence consisting of a series of 100 subsaturation flashlets (1.1 μs flash duration and 2.8 μs interflash period) and a series of 20 relaxation flashlets (1.1 μs flash duration and 51.6 μs interflash period).

Data time period: 28 12 2002

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159,-42.8 159,-66.7 138.7,-66.7 138.7,-42.8 159,-42.8


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USER MANUAL - Theory and operation of FRRF by Suggett et al (2010).

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