Explaining the Dark Matter of Genome-wide Association Studies for Complex Disease [ 2010 - 2012 ]

Also known as: Why have large genome scans of common variation not explained more of the familial risk for diseases?

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Peter Visscher (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Michael Goddard

Brief description Common diseases, such as psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular disease, are caused by the interplay of genetic and envirionmental factors. In the last 4 years, very large studies have been conducted to associate genetic factors with risk of disease, but these studies have not accounted for known familial risk. We aim to use data on very distant relatives to explain why. Understanding the genetic basis of common disease is crucial to guide future experiments and for developing new treatments.

Funding Amount $AUD 453,098.74

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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