Evaluating the influence of trophic connections between marine habitats on the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas [ 2003 - 2005 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Mr MA Vanderklift Prof KL Heck

Brief description Marine ecosystems are characterized by trophic subsidies: consumers forage between habitats, and ungrazed primary production is exported as drift or detritus. However, the trophic relationships we see today may in a sense be unnatural, because intensive fishing of consumers may have fundamentally altered them. We aim to evaluate the importance of the exchange of consumers and drift between seagrass and reef habitats in Australia and North America. We aim to find out whether fishing alters these processes by studying marine protected areas in both continents. This work will come at a crucial time for the implementation of Australia's MPA system.

Funding Amount $235,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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