Epigenetic regulation by PKC-theta in human breast cancer stem cells. [ 2016 - ]

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Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Sudha Rao (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Jane Dahlstrom Prof Jade Forwood Prof David Jans Prof Desmond Yip

Brief description Treating women with advanced breast cancer is difficult, and new drugs are needed to kill the cancer stem cells that cause recurrence. We think that a newly discovered protein, PKC-θ, plays an important role in recurring breast cancer and can be targeted using novel ‘epigenetic’ drugs. Here, we will use cutting-edge DNA techniques to learn how this protein controls how cancer cells grow and produce the necessary data to show that targeting this protein is likely to be effective in real patients.

Funding Amount $818,132.00

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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