Emerging Severe Mental Illness in Young People: Clinical Staging, Neurobiology, Prediction & Intervention from Vulnerabi [ 2005 - 2008 ]

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Researchers: Prof Patrick Mcgorry (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Ian Hickie E/Pr Henry Jackson Prof Christos Pantelis Prof Alison Yung

Brief description Mental disorders, such as psychotic and severe mood disorders, are the largest cause of disability in Australia. However, there is still little known about illness onset, relapse and progression. We have developed a clinical staging model with transition points from symptomfree to subthreshold status, to threshold disorder to chronic disability. We will investigate neurobiological and psychosocial factors which increase the risk of progression through these stages and use this model as a basis for examining the effectiveness of interventions, for example to prevent, delay or ameliorate onset and relapse, and promote vocational recovery. Thus major clinical and public health benefits and an understanding of factors that contribute to the onset and progression of illness will result.

Funding Amount $AUD 6,229,421.57

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