Elf5 and the basis for antiestrogen resistant breast cancer [ 2014 - 2018 ]

Also known as: Elf5 and antiestrogen resistance

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Christopher Ormandy (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Jason Carroll Dr David Gallego Ortega Dr Samantha Oakes

Brief description Resistance to anti estrogen therapies causes half of breast cancer deaths. We have recently discovered (Plos Biol 2012) that the transcription factor Elf5 is intimately involved in this process. This grant will develop our understanding of the transcriptional and genomic events involving Elf5 that lead to antiestrogen resistance and metatstasis, to develop new models of antiestrogen resistance, biomarkers that predict antiestrogen resistance and new therapeutic targets and strategies that prevent antiestrogen resistance.

Funding Amount $AUD 1,181,326.67

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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