ELders AT Ease Program (ELATE): A cluster randomised controlled trial of a sustainable and scalable mental health service for Australian residential aged care facilities [ 2018 - ]

Also known as: 5024550

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Pr Sunil Bhar (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Stephen Quinn Dr Tanya Davison Prof Julie Ratcliffe Prof Penelope Schofield

Brief description Elders living in residential facilities suffer significant levels of depression or anxiety. This study examines an innovative program to improve mental health of residents living in such facilities. The program involves counselling, staff training and family support. The study uses a cluster randomised controlled trial of facilities to evaluate the impact of ELATE: Elders at Ease Program” on residents’ psychological wellbeing, staff knowledge, family carer stress and, health care costs.

Funding Amount $985,751.00

Funding Scheme Targeted Calls for Research

Notes Depression, anxiety and suicide among elderly Australians

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