What is the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on Eye and can ocular changes be used as biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease? [ 2018 - 2021 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Vivek Gupta (Principal investigator)

Brief description Visual symptoms are frequent early complaints in Alzheimer’s (AD) patients. Examining eyes can be a simple, specific and inexpensive way to assess and diagnose AD and fill in an urgent need for a viable biomarker. Retina is unique part of central nervous system that can be imaged non-invasively and thus serves as a ‘window to the brain”. Monitoring the eyes will also help prevent negative effects of AD on vision by way of timely intervention, in addition to providing mechanistic insights in AD.

Funding Amount $AUD 728,054.42

Funding Scheme Targeted Calls

Notes Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellowship

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