Dr Seyed Hosein Hoseini-Yazdi

Queensland University of Technology
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Dr Hosein Hoseini-Yazdi is currently a Research Fellow at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia and has been a Sessional Academic in QUT’s School of Optometry and Vision Science from 2014 to 2018.

Hosein has received his Bachelor of Science (2008) and Master of Science (2011) degrees in Optometry from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), Mashhad, Iran, and Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran, Iran. Following three years of working as a Clinical Optometrist in Iran, he commenced his PhD degree in Optometry and Vision Science at Contact Lens and Visual Optics Laboratory in 2014 under the supervision of Associate Professor Stephen Vincent, Professor Michael Collins and Associate Professor Scott Read. In 2018, Hosein graduated from QUT, with Doctor of Philosophy in Optometry and Vision Science. Hosein’s PhD research investigated the “Spatial characteristics of the response of the human choroid to imposed defocus” and provided novel insights into the contribution of the choroid to mechanisms of myopia development in the human eye. Hosein’s PhD was funded with a QUT Contact Lens and Visual Optics Postgraduate Scholarship (2014 – 2015) and later, a QUT Postgraduate Research Award (QUTPRA) and a QUT Faculty of Health Write-up Scholarship. Hosein was also selected to receive The Vision Care Institute Student Travel Fellowship to attend the 2016 American Academy of Optometry Meeting.

Dr Hoseini-Yazdi’s current research is primarily focused on examining the local retinal mechanisms contributing to the development of refractive errors in the human eye, through employing state of the art psychophysical procedures and high-resolution ocular imaging techniques. Hosein’s research has over 20 peer-reviewed publications and 8 international conference presentations, with the findings from the majority of his research exploring important clinical applications for enhancing the effectiveness of current optical treatments for myopia and suggesting strategies to develop new medical technologies for controlling refractive errors in the human eye. Dr Hoseini-Yazdi has also been invited as the reviewer for various internationally recognised academic optometry, ophthalmology, medical, and multi-disciplinary journals.

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