Dr Sergei Pisarevsky

The University of Western Australia
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Dr Sergei Pisarevsky
came to UWA from the Russian Petroleum Institute (VNIGRI) in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1998 as a Gledden Fellow and became a UWA staff member in mid-2002.
He has field experience in Fennoscandia, Siberia, West Australia,East European Platform, Central Asia, Crimea, Caucasus, Arctic islands (Svalbard), North-Eastern Asia,and Kamchatka.
His recent work focuses on the Precambrian palaeogeography.
As project secretary and map compiler for the UNESCO project IGCP 440, he participate in the palaeotectonic map of Rodinia presented in the 32nd IGC in Florence (2004).
He is also the administrator of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy) Global Palaeomagnetic Databases and is responsible for regularly updating of these databases and their development.
During last few years he has carried out several palaeomagnetic studies of Precambrian rocks of Western Australia, Tasmania, Siberia, Sweden, Karelia, Zambia, and Mauritania, including palaeomagnetic studies of Precambrian deep drill holes in Western Australia and Zambia.
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Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Earth and Environment) The University of Western Australia (M004) 35 Stirling Highway CRAWLEY WA 6009 Australia
Ph: (+61 8) 6488 5076