Dr Richard Beare

Monash University
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Dr Beare is a Senior Research Fellow in Imaging within the Department of Medicine at Monash Medical Centre (Monash University). He conducts and supervises computational image analysis within the Stroke and Ageing Research Group (STAR). He has developed new image analysis methods for two large human brain studies (TASCOG, CDOT). He has particular expertise in semi-automated segmentation of white matter hyperintensities, structural analysis using voxel-based morphometry, spherical harmonic based shape analysis of brain structures and multivariate image analysis. Involvement in the Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium has led Dr Beare to develop new tools for structural analysis and computational anatomy of animal models. A further interest is the development of imaging techniques for measuring vascular geometry and flow modeling.

Full description

As well as contributing to the Insight Toolkit, the internationally recognised, NIH funded software suite for medical image analysis, Dr Beare holds 4 patents, has contributed to a number of commercial software packages (Axon ImageXpress, Evotech high content screening platform) and products (Enterix bowel cancer screening, robotic equipment) while working for CSIRO

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