Dr Quinn Grundy

The University of Sydney
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Dr Quinn Grundy is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Faculty of Pharmacy based at the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC). Dr Grundy’s research explores industry partnerships in health and healthcare and the implications for health information, healthcare delivery and scientific evidence. She is a member of the Bias and Research Integrity and Wireless Wellbeing and Personalised Health nodes at the CPC. Her current work examines drivers of mobile health development and the evolution of academic-industry partnerships in this field.

Her doctoral work at the University of California, San Francisco, funded by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, explored the ways that sales representatives from medical industry are increasingly integrated into daily patient care and the implications this has for patient safety, quality of care and rising health costs. Through this work, she participated on a university-wide Industry Relations Advisory Group tasked with revising existing university policy addressing the interactions between health professionals and industry

Dr Grundy is a registered nurse and worked clinically for the San Francisco Department of Public Health at the Medical Respite and Sobering Centre (

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