Dr Julie Collins

University of South Australia
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Dr Julie Collins was Researcher and Collections Manager at the Architecture Museum, which is located at the City West Campus in the Kaurna Building with the School of Art, Architecture and Design. Julie Collins completed a Bachelor of Architecture then a PhD in Architecture at the University of South Australia in the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture with her thesis titled 'Ways of Living: The expression of the home/work relationship in Australian architectural design of the late twentieth century (1975-1999)'. Julie Collins researches various aspects of architectural history, projects include work on the South Australian Home Builders' Club 1945-1965, the Small Homes Service of South Australia and the modern postwar house, the emergence of tall buildings in Adelaide 1912-1939, women in the architectural profession 1910-1960 and analysis of the cultural significance of architectural records. Julie was also a researcher for the 'Architects of South Australia' database which documents the lives and works of a selection of the state's architects from colonial times to the present day.

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