Dr Judy Ford

University of South Australia
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Judith Helen Ford is a geneticist who has a long research history in human reproduction, cancer and ageing. She graduated with a first class Honours degree in Science (Genetics) in 1967 and her PhD was awarded in 1971. Her work has included studies on the mechanisms of error during cell division and diagnostic research on mutation and chromosomal structural and numerical changes underlying cancers and human developmental abnormalities. In the late 1980's she and her team undertook a unique, community-based study of the environmental and lifestyle abnormalities affecting natural fertility and pregnancy loss.
Dr Ford's ongoing major research focus is in defining the mechanisms underlying ageing within the reproductive system and whole body ageing. She is undertaking a SANT datalinkage project (linking the Cervical Cancer database with the Perinatal Statistics database) to confirm findings made in her community-based study that define key risks for 'tiny' babies (SGA = small for gestational age) as season of conception and papilloma infection. This work links to her models of ageing since SGA babies have premature onset of diabetes and other diseases of ageing.
Judy's research is currently only a very small part of her work, which mainly involves offering educational programs and support to UniSA's PhD students in the Science and Engineering faculties.


Dr Judy Ford is no longer affiliated with the University of South Australia.

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