Dr. Ignatius Pang

University of New South Wales
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Brief description

Research Contribution

Ignatius Pang studied Bachelor of Bioinformatics Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Dr. Pang completed PhD in 2010 on the topic "The Dynamics of Protein Interaction Networks", under the supervision of Prof. Marc Wilkins at UNSW. In his thesis, he explored different mechanisms that govern interactome dynamics - such as how changes in domain-domain interactions, post-translational modifications, and protein abundance can act to dynamically switch-on or switch-off protein-protein interactions. 
His current projects include the Proteomic-Genomic Nexus and the analysis of how changes in kinase expression affects the rewiring of kinase-substrate networks. His collaborative projects include the development of low-alcohol-wine yeast for The Australian Wine Research Institute, and the search for novel antifungal strategies using a newtorks approach in collaboration with A. Prof. Dee Carter.
Honours & Awards
* The Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Fellowships Award, 2012.
* Best PhD thesis of the quarter (June-July 2010), School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, UNSW, 2010.
* Winner of best poster prize at the 14th Australasian Proteomics Conference. Lorne, Victoria, February, 2009.
* The Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), 2006 – 2008.
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