Dr Andrew Delaney

Charles Sturt University
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Dr Delaney's primary research focus is the study of neuronal mechanisms in synaptic transmission and plasticity. His research investigates the role of neuromodulation and plasticity in the circuits that mediate pain and emotional processing in the amygdala. He also investigates the cellular mechanisms of neuro-active pharmacology and the electrophysiology and micro neuro-anatomy of the amygdala and its connections with the brainstem and forebrain.

Dr Delaney's undergraduate studies were conducted in organic/analytical chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Newcastle, and he was awarded honours for a combined honour research project in the Faculties of Medicine and Science.

Following his undergraduate studies, he was attracted to neurophysiology research and  completed his PhD at the John Curtin School of Medical Research (ANU), studying the pharmacology of GABA receptors in the central amygdala using electrophysiological techniques. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Vollum Institute in the US, prior to returning to Australia to accept an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Queensland Brain Institute as a senior post-doctoral fellow and lecturer in Neuroscience.

He accepted a position at CSU in 2010 to continue his research in his own research lab in Orange. He is an affiliate of the Centre for Research into Complex Systems (CRiCS, CSU), and holds an adjunct appointment at the Queensland Brain Institute (University of Queensland).


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