Dr Alejandro Di Luca

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Alejandro holds a research and teaching position at the Université du Québec å Montréal in Montreal, Canada.

During Alejandro's time at CCRC, he worked to quantify likely future changes in the frequency and intensity of low pressure systems that develop or evolve over the Tasman Sea adjacent to the Australian coast (denoted as East Coast Lows; ECLs). In his analysis, Alejandro used a variety of datasets such as reanalysis products and GCM simulations although it mostly concentrates in RCM simulations performed in the context of the NARCliM project. His goal was to understand the role played by various physical mechanisms in producing changes in ECLs and to determine to what extent these changes can be better capture by the use of high-resolution climate models. Alejandro was also interested in more general issues related to regional climate modelling such as their evaluation and the determination of the added value.

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