A double-blind randomised controlled multi-site study of sertraline compared with placebo for refractory breathlessness [ 2011 - 2014 ]

Also known as: A study into the use of sertraline for relieving breathlessness

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof David Currow (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Dimitar Sajkov Prof Amy Abernethy Prof Christine Mcdonald Prof Katherine Clark
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Brief description People with optimally treated emphysema often have breathlessness at rest or with little effort (dressing, preparing a meal). No medications are registered to reduce this breathlessness. This 3 year project will study whether a commonly used anti-depressant, sertraline, can reduce this breathlessness even if people are not depressed. Across Australia, 150 people will take part for at least 4 weeks to rate the unpleasantness of their breathlessness on sertraline or an identical sugar tablet.

Funding Amount $AUD 603,517.13

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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