Does Manipulation of Arterial Shear Stress Enhance Cerebrovascular Function and Cognition in the Aging Brain? [ 2013 - 2016 ]

Also known as: Optimising Health of the Ageing Brain

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Daniel Green (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Carmela Pestell A/Pr Kay Cox A/Pr Philip Ainslie Prof Johanna Badcock
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Brief description Globally, 9.2 million less cases of dementia could result from delaying it by as little as 12 months. We will assess the impact, on artery health and cognition, of a novel exercise intervention involving enhanced patterns of brain blood flow and arterial shear stress during exercise, stimuli which should optimise cerebrovascular health. Given that pharmacological approaches to prevention are ineffective, this project has the potential to address the future impact of this common and debilitating disease in Australians.

Funding Amount $AUD 707,914.79

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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