Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP210103065 [ 2021-12-01 - 2024-11-30 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Prof Robyn Meech (Chief Investigator) ,  A/Prof Michael Downes (Partner Investigator)

Brief description Signaling in the crypt: a novel metabolic pathway in intestinal stem cells. The gut is the most rapidly renewing tissue in the body, driven by a highly active stem cell niche. Bile acids are emerging as critical regulators of this stem cell niche and disruption of bile acid homeostasis has profoundly adverse effects on intestinal renewal and hence gut health. We are addressing a critical gap in our understanding of how bile acids are controlled within stem cell niche. The aim of the project is to define the critical role of a novel enzyme called UGT8 in controlling intestinal stem cell response to bile acids; this is achieved by modulating UGT8 activity in intestinal stem cell models and determining the effects on stem cell function and the key signalling pathways that control intestinal homeostasis and renewal.

Funding Amount $472,496

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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