Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP200102351 [ 2020-03-01 - 2023-02-28 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Jemma Geoghegan (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Edward Holmes (Chief Investigator)

Brief description Revealing the determinants of viral emergence and evolution in fish. Viral diseases pose an ongoing threat to Australian aquaculture. The devastating impact of emerging viruses makes it imperative to understand the factors that allow them to evolve and infect new hosts. We will address these key issues by revealing the diversity, abundance and evolution of viruses in fish sampled along the Australian east coast. The data generated will reveal the untapped biodiversity of fish viruses, the frequency which they jump species boundaries and the determinants of this process, and how they are impacted by host ecology, including whether fish viruses follow a latitudinal gradient in diversity. The data generated will transform our understanding of fish viruses and identify those most likely to impact aquaculture.

Funding Amount $558,470

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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