Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP200100966 [ 2020-11-01 - 2023-12-31 ]

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Researchers: Dr Rebecca Carey (Chief Investigator) ,  Maria Seton (Chief Investigator) ,  Maria Seton (Chief Investigator) ,  Nicolas Coltice (Partner Investigator) ,  Prof Robert Duncan (Partner Investigator)
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Brief description Eruption and disruption: how Earth’s deep interior and surface communicate. Massive volcanic eruptions are a fundamental part of the Earth System, responsible for globally disruptive events, from airspace disturbance, to extinction of the dinosaurs. This project will reveal relationships between hot, deep sources of volcanic material, and the tectonic processes at the Earth's surface. Expected outcomes of this project include assembling an unprecedented set of new observations from underwater volcanoes offshore Eastern Australia, and the development of innovative geodynamic models of how the deep Earth interacts with the surface to form these volcanoes. This will provide significant benefits by advancing our understanding of the deep Earth, and its impact on Earth’s surface, natural hazards, and mineral systems.

Funding Amount $549,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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