Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP190103352 [ 2019-01-01 - 2022-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr David Bulger (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Karu Esselle (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Stefano Maci (Partner Investigator) ,  A/Prof Ladislau Matekovits (Partner Investigator) ,  Prof J(Yiannis) Vardaxoglou (Partner Investigator)

Brief description Thin antenna beam steering systems with exceptional performance. This project aims to develop a revolutionary antenna beam steering method. A high-gain antenna with the ability to steer its pencil beam to any direction in two-dimensions within a wide range is an essential part in many telecommunication and defence systems. The project expects to produce compact, low-cost antenna systems with high performance, to circumvent the limitations of existing methods in applications such as providing internet connectivity to those who are unconnected or poorly connected, or data transfer from satellites to earth stations. The proposed technology should significantly improve internet services in regional Australia and connect billions of people worldwide who do not have regular internet access at present.

Funding Amount $570,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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