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Researchers: Craig Richard Johnson (Chief Investigator) ,  Hill, Nicole (Chief Investigator) ,  Hill, Nicole, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  Hill, Nicole, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  Johnson, Craig (Chief Investigator)
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Brief description Predicting biodiversity distribution on the Antarctic continental shelf. This project aims to develop an international database of underwater observations to predict the distribution of seafloor biodiversity over the entire Antarctic continental shelf for the present day and to 2100. Antarctic seafloor communities are unique and highly diverse, but their distribution is poorly known because biological data are sparse. These predictions depend on a unique and validated approach to estimate the present and future redistribution of surface primary production to the seafloor, and will enable calculating the amount of atmospheric carbon captured and stored at the seafloor. The maps will be at an unprecedented resolution of around 2 kilometres, and be invaluable tools underpinning policy, management and future science.

Funding Amount $660,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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