Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP190100314 [ 2019-03-22 - 2022-03-21 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Alistair Barros (Chief Investigator) ,  Chun Ouyang (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Colin Fidge (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Jun Han (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Dr Wil van der Aalst (Partner Investigator)

Brief description Re-engineering enterprise systems for microservices in the cloud. This project will enable automatic re-engineering of large enterprise applications to run in modern cloud environments as microservices. Microservices are the latest wave of service-based software, capable of exploiting the high performance and third-party integration opportunities made available through the cloud. The project will develop new techniques for analysing enterprise systems code and execution data, and making recommendations for restructuring suitable parts as microservices. These microservices manage individual business objects via sets of lightweight distributed computational operations. The outcomes will support progressive evolution of an enterprise system, into distributed microservices running in public clouds, while still being integrated with "backend" systems.

Funding Amount $504,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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