Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP180101494 [ 2018 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Kaylene Young; Dr Alain CHEDOTAL; Prof Renaud Jolivet; A/Prof Jennifer Rodger; A/Prof Ben Emery; Dr Gaetan Burgio

Brief description This project aims to identify the brain circuits that receive new insulation and characterise the molecular mediators of this process. This project will apply innovative technologies to understand how the nervous system remains adaptable throughout life. This new knowledge, of the cellular mechanisms that allow brain circuits to remain adaptable throughout life, may have application in the development of interventions aimed at improving educational outcomes or counteracting age-related memory decline. Potential future benefits include facilitating the development of drugs to circumvent memory loss resulting from brain diseases, and improving the design of neuromorphic hardware for computing.

Funding Amount $487,460

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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