Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP180101473 [ 2018 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Thomas Fath; Prof Peter Gunning; Prof Roland Brandt; Dr Enrico Klotzsch; A/Prof Tim Karl; Dr Fabien Delerue

Brief description This project aims to identify mechanisms via which the cytoskeleton regulates the branching of nerve cell extensions. The formation of branched cell extensions is essential for establishing a complex network of connecting and communicating nerve cells in all higher organisms. This project expects that by combining advanced light microscopy technology and recently developed tools for the study of the cell architecture in vitro and in vivo, we will be able to define the molecular changes in neurites that control neurite branching. This should provide significant benefits, such as gaining crucial insights into the mechanisms of forming complex neuronal networks.

Funding Amount $515,760

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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