Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP180101453 [ 2018 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Jiazhao Wang; Prof Hua Liu; Dr Konstantin Konstantinov; Prof Dr Weishen Yang; Dr Qinfen Gu

Brief description This project aims to develop Sodium (Na)-air batteries for large-scale renewable energy storage. The expected outcomes include development of new air cathode materials, gel polymer electrolytes and oxygen selective membranes, establishing novel Na-air battery systems for ambient air operation using advanced electrode materials, gel polymer electrolytes, and oxygen selective membranes, and exploring the electrochemical reaction mechanisms and degradation Na-air battery systems by the operando study method and other advanced techniques. The success of this project will contribute to the Australia Science and Research Priority area of energy.

Funding Amount $372,388

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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