Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP180100105 [ 2018-06-29 - 2023-06-28 ]

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Researchers: Kristie Miller (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof David Braddon-Mitchell (Chief Investigator) ,  Sam Baron (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Alastair Wilson (Partner Investigator) ,  Prof Craig Callender (Partner Investigator)
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Brief description Examining scientific, philosophical, and folk perspectives on time=. This project aims to consider three very different physical theories, each of which reconciles quantum mechanics and general and special relativity in a different way. While science is more accessible than ever, we are increasingly faced with a scientific world-view that is antithetical to the way we see the world and experience ourselves in it. This project will consider the tension between the scientific picture of the world and our experience of the world, and aims to reconcile the two by bridging the gap between lived experience and scientific findings. The project will provide a range of ways of bridging the tension between these physical theories with our lived experience.

Funding Amount $200,232

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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