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Researchers: Blanchard, Julia (Chief Investigator) ,  Blanchard, Julia (Chief Investigator) ,  Gretta Pecl (Chief Investigator) ,  Pecl, Gretta (Chief Investigator) ,  Pecl, Gretta (Chief Investigator)
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Brief description Rewiring marine food webs: Predicting consequences of species range shifts. This project aims to predict how changes in climate-driven species distributions affect shallow marine communities globally. Environmental change affects the structure, resilience and productivity of coastal marine ecosystems at regional and global scales. This project will combine global species distribution and trait databases, existing experimental data and targeted field sampling to develop, test and apply an integrated modelling platform to predict how global warming-driven changes in species distributions and their interactions affect the structure and dynamics of shallow marine communities. This project addresses a knowledge gap on how species’ redistributions and trophic dynamics produce communities, and aims to forecast future species abundances for sustainable marine ecosystem management.

Funding Amount $537,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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