Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP170102288 [ 2017-06-01 - 2021-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Muhammed Rahman (Chief Investigator) ,  Rukmi Dutta (Chief Investigator) ,  Asst Prof Bulent Sarlioglu (Partner Investigator) ,  Dr Howard Lovatt (Partner Investigator)

Brief description High-speed interior permanent magnet synchronous machines. This project aims to develop a permanent magnet machine for high speed operation (more than 50,000 rpm). A high-speed interior permanent magnet machine will solve some of the complex constructional and sensor-less control issues related to high-speed drive systems. This project will develop permanent magnet machines with simple constructional features, reduced use of costly rare earth materials, inherent sensor-less control capability and flux-weakening. These machines are expected to be used in many global growth sectors including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, energy generation and storage.

Funding Amount $478,500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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