Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP170101467 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Shi Xue Dou; Dr Yi Du; Dr Xun Xu; A/Prof Germanas Peleckis; Prof Dr Jinhua Ye; Prof Dr Weichang Hao; A/Prof Lan Chen

Brief description This project aims to design and explore two-dimensional heterogeneous photocatalysts that can convert solar energy into usable chemical energy. This project will investigate the correlation between surface plasmonic resonance and photocatalytic activities on the atomic level. Heterogeneous engineering and in-situ investigation of atomic-level photocatalytic dynamics is expected to yield several new full-solar-spectrum photocatalysts. The project is expected to contribute to the understanding of the processes and mechanisms underlying photocatalysis, and lead to useable, stable and durable photocatalytics. The outcomes will enable efficient, cost-effective and reliable production of clean energy in a low-emission way.

Funding Amount $513,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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