Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP170100654 [ 2017-05-01 - 2020-05-01 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Graham Mann (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Samuel Muller (Chief Investigator) ,  A/Prof John Ormerod (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Pengyi Yang (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Jean Yang (Chief Investigator)

Brief description Prognosis based network-type feature extraction for complex biological data. This project aims to develop statistical tools that integrate high-throughput molecular data with biological knowledge to make discoveries in complex diseases. This project uses machine learning methods, statistical models and proteomic platforms to identify relationships among clinico-pathologic and molecular measurements. It will produce tools and insights that are intended to accelerate the process of biologically and clinically significant discoveries in biomedical research. This project will help Australian researchers in statistics and users of statistics (from fields as diverse as biology, ecology, medicine, finance, agriculture and the social sciences) to make better predictions that are easier to understand.

Funding Amount $354,500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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