Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160103039 [ 2016-01-01 - 2019-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Damith Ranasinghe (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Christophe Fumeaux (Chief Investigator)

Brief description Substrate-integrated wearable antennas for unobtrusive activity monitoring. This project aims to develop a novel class of wearable textile antennas that can form robust connections with miniature battery-less motion sensors for non-invasive activity monitoring of older people. In contrast to bulky body worn sensors that must be strapped on, it is anticipated that the garment-integrated textile antennas patterned through computerised embroidery will lead to low-cost, low-profile, and flexible antennas that are truly wearable with exceptional performance and scalable manufacturing techniques. The outcomes from the project are expected to underpin innovative applications, such as aged care, providing a means for caregivers to automatically monitor health and physical activity and intervene as required. Such applications would support ageing Australians to live with greater independence and safety.

Funding Amount $340,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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