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Researchers: Phillips, Helen (Chief Investigator) ,  Phillips, Helen (Chief Investigator) ,  Phillips, Helen (Chief Investigator) ,  Strutton, Pete (Chief Investigator) ,  Strutton, Peter (Chief Investigator)
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Brief description Eddies: The key to understanding Southern Ocean carbon cycling. This project plans to observe an eddy in the Southern Ocean for three weeks, to understand how its circulation affects ocean productivity and the exchange of carbon dioxide between the ocean and atmosphere. Ocean eddies are like small high and low pressure weather systems which spin either clockwise or anticlockwise, are about 100–200 kilometres across and several hundred metres deep. Eddies are important because they generate vertical currents that move nutrients and carbon dioxide up and down. Expected project outcomes will include a better understanding of carbon cycling in an ocean region that is central to the climate of Australia and the rest of the planet.

Funding Amount $269,900

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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