Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160102427 [ 2016 - 2020 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Martin Danisik; Dr Noreen Evans; Prof Dr Axel Schmitt; A/Prof Phil Shane; Prof Takehiko Suzuki; Prof Shanaka de Silva

Brief description This project plans to use cutting-edge instrumentation to develop a novel method for dating geological materials formed in a critical time window for which no dating technique currently exists. The last million years of Earth’s history has seen dramatic changes in global climate and environment, with catastrophic volcanic eruptions and numerous other natural processes shaping landforms and ecosystems. A major challenge for studying these phenomena and their impacts is the dating of geological archives in the time window between 50 000 and 1 000 000 years. This project aims to develop a method for dating young volcanic rocks that can close this critical gap. The result would be a new dating tool with broad implications for the Quaternary sciences globally, including paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental reconstructions, natural hazards assessment, hominin evolution and archaeology.

Funding Amount $289,500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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