Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP150104839 [ 2015 - 2017 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Jarek Antoszewski; Prof Gilberto Umana-Membreno; Prof Antoni Rogalski

Brief description Novel HgCdTe nBn infrared (IR) detectors are theoretically capable of operating at higher temperatures than conventional IR detectors. Their reduced cooling requirements lead to reductions in the size, weight and power of IR imaging systems without loss in IR detection performance. Unfortunately, HgCdTe nBn detectors are currently affected by non-ideal dark current and noise levels whose physical origins and nature are poorly understood. The proposed experimental and theoretical investigations and optimisations are anticipated to minimise such non-idealities and thus enable the demonstration of HgCdTe nBn IR detectors capable of revolutionising portable IR detection systems for security and rescue applications

Funding Amount 335100

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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