Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP150103666 [ 2015 - 2017 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Gary Dowsett; Dr Duane Duncan; Dr Steven Angelides

Brief description Australian men are under increasing pressure to appear fit, muscular and sexy, with psychologists and others identifying body dissatisfaction, depression, and illegal supplement use as evidence of a 'crisis'. Yet, no research has explored men's emotional and physical investments in injunctions to be 'healthy', or relatively new opportunities in consumer culture for men to style the body. This qualitative project brings together emerging literatures on 'sexualisation', masculinity and body image to explore men's motivations for engaging in body image-enhancing practices. It will provide insight into men's negotiation of shifts in acceptable masculine behaviours for the benefit of those engaged in advocating healthy lifestyles to men.

Funding Amount 240133

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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