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Researchers: Andrew Bowie (Chief Investigator) ,  Bowie, Andrew (Chief Investigator) ,  Bowie, Andrew, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  Bowie, Andrew, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  Chase, Zanna (Chief Investigator)
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Brief description Hot iron: Are submarine volcanoes important for Southern Ocean iron supply? The scarcity of iron limits biological productivity and carbon uptake in the nutrient rich waters of the Southern Ocean. This project will explore for the first time the role of undersea "hot spot" volcanoes in supplying iron to surface waters, thus linking the solid earth and the biosphere. The project will measure iron abundance, reactivity and nutritional value in buoyant plumes emanating from vents near Heard/McDonald Islands, Australia's only active volcanoes. The project aims to estimate the hydrothermal contribution to regional biological productivity and extrapolate to the whole Southern Ocean. Successful outcomes will benefit Australia by identifying iron sources that govern productivity and carbon uptake of an economically important ecosystem.

Funding Amount $233,400

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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